July 15, 2024


[MUSAI] The media reviews of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Korean localization: “Korean voice-over, a different level of immersion”



‘Cyberpunk 2077’ was released worldwide on the 11th. Since the release, the highly anticipated game has been receiving various feedback including both good ones and bad ones. Among them, most of the feedback related to the ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Korean dubbing and subtitles, which have been popular news in the Korean gaming market, were positive. In particular, since the game is a first-person view, many evaluated that playing the game with Korean voice-over, instead of subtitles, maximized their immersion. In this article, we will introduce the reviews of ’Cyberpunk 2077’ Korean localization from various game media, and the response of the Korean game market.


Ruliweb “The Deep and Wide Blasting Furnace, Cyberpunk 2077”

Link: https://bbs.ruliweb.com/news/board/11/read/1910

Editor’s comment: the Korean voice-over script has been translated very accurately, and the voice actors’ pronunciation is also very clear. Turning off the subtitles while playing the game rather helps to concentrate and be immersed into the game… Gaming while hearing the conversation, instead of reading subtitles, only now I came to realize how great blessing it is.


ThisIsGame “① After 40 Hours of Playing Cyberpunk 2077, “Half-Air Potato Snack”

Link: https://www.thisisgame.com/webzine/game/nboard/16/?n=115927

Editor’s comment: the overall Korean localization quality is excellent. A lot of slangs and expletives appear in the script, thanks to the background of the game, and the translation of such language is also very smooth. It is quite surprising that everything was translated as it is, into a realistic every-day language.


ThisIsGame “③ “Cyberpunk 2077,” RPG that Goes the Furthest”

Link: https://www.thisisgame.com/webzine/game/nboard/16/?n=116003

Editor’s comment: I couldn’t help but appreciate the Korean voice-over while playing the game. It really boosted my concentration.



Game Donga “[Review] The Polish Open-World Mixed Stew, ‘Cyberpunk 2077’”

Link: https://game.donga.com/97796/

Editor’s comment: the localization is also the part that I would give high scores… Playing game with the Korean voice-over, the level of immersion is just different.


Maeil Daily “Living the low-life at the bottom of Night City in ‘Cyberpunk 2077’”

Link: http://www.m-i.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=774959

Editor’s comment: not only the Korean subtitles, but also the Korean full-voice-over must be mentioned. The slangs and expletives of the 18+ rating game was translated and dubbed nakedly. This adds a sense of immersion to the story.


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