April 25, 2024


[MUSAI] Introducing “Echo”, the Lounge of Musai Studio



In February 2020, Musai Studio announced the opening of the in-house café, ‘Echo’. (See. Musai Studio Opened the In-house Café to be a Communication Hub for Voice Actors and Gamers http://blog.musaistudio.com/musai-musai-studio-opened-the-in-house-cafe-to-be-a-communication-hub-for-voice-actors-and-gamers) Now, it has been more than a year. Many people including voice talents and clients who visited Musai Studio loved ‘Echo’ as a comfortable resting place or even as a media interview location. In this article, we would like to show you how much various ‘Echo’ has played roles here at Musai Studio. Let’s begin!


Thorough Quarantine System

Quarantine is essential in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. Visitor control and twice-daily disinfection of café facilities are thoroughly performed, and every visitor should take the temperature check and hand disinfection procedures to enter ‘Echo’.

[Image 1] Hand sanitizers are available everywhere in the company. (Source: Musai Studio)


Skillful Barista & Wide Range of Menu

Not only basic coffee menus and cold brew for coffee lovers, but also various non-coffee menus such as tea and drinks. More than 30 different drinks invented by Café manager Kang Chun-hui, a skillful barista at Musai Studio, are provided.

[Image 2] More than 30 diverse menus provided at ‘Eco’ and Barista Kang Chun-hui at Musai Studio (Source: Musai Studio)


Terrace, the Perfect Spot to Enjoy the City-view of Seoul

The hidden spot inside ‘Echo’ at Musai! When you open the glass door of the café, there is a terrace where you can see downtown Seoul at a glance from Nam Mountain to Yeouido. Occasionally, you can catch the moment of wonderful sights that nature offer depending on the time of day.

[Image 3] A terrace overlooking downtown Seoul (Source: Musai Studio)


A Showcase Full of Game Titles Collaborated with Musai

On the left side of ‘Echo’, there is a showcase filled with the titles and action figures that Musai Studio worked on. Each piece of the memory with the countless titles Musai participated in over the past 20 years completed this place.

[Image 4] The showcase is displayed with the game titles and memorabilia related to Musai Studio. (Source: Musai Studio)


Oldies but Goodies

Hundreds of vinyl collections and turntables are available under the showcase. You may think they are just for display, but it’s not! They are actually for listening and even giving the moment of relaxing the ears and minds for Musai staff. Everyone agrees on the beauty of listening to the music on vinyl through a turntable, right?

[Image 5] Hundreds of vinyl collections and turntables give a relaxing moment for Musai staff. (Source: Musai Studio)


Various Event

If you only knew ‘Echo’ just as an in-house cafe, you would be surprised. From kickoff meetings for large-scale projects to a shooting location, ‘Echo’ is used as a venue for various events. Let’s take a look at the events that took place in ‘Echo’ over the past year.


▶ Kickoff meeting for large-scale projects

[Image 6] The kickoff meeting of (Source: Musai Studio)

Media Interview

[Image 7] Interview with ‘Gamer’z’, the video game magazine in Korea (Source: Musai Studio)


[Image 8] Filming a voice actor by ‘PNN’, a Korean game media (Source: Musai Studio)

Internal Training

[Image 9] Internal training for Musai staff (Source: Musai Studio)


Now, the lounge ‘Echo’ has become a pride of Musai Studio. It is not only an in-house café for Musai staff but also a place of communication and resting for voice talents, clients and anyone who visits Musai can stay comfortably. Creative ideas, excellent artistic direction, resonant acting, brilliant lines… The lounge ‘Echo’ exists because we believe all of this begins with good relaxation in an inspiring space, not just from the working hours. Please look forward to the improvement that ‘Echo’ will make on!


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