July 15, 2024


[MUSAI] Musai Studio Opened the In-house Café to be a Communication Hub for Voice Actors and Gamers




The gentle breeze finally has been arrived behind the freezing cold weather hit by last week. Like the breeze, there is news to blow the warm air to Musai Studio. The in-house café at Musai Studio which has been under construction since last winter is ready to go now.


The place has been highly expected by everyone since last year and finally revealed the vail. Musai Studio is not only a workplace for Musai staffs but a recording studio having many visitors such as voice actors, developers and publishers. The café is going to be a place to relax with a coffee for those who are working at Musai.


The empty place has been filled one by one as time goes by.


The lights added the warmth to the space, and the logo of Musai has been located on one side of the wall, of course.


With the new place, a professional barista has joined us. She is in charge of operating the café, and the most important fact is that her coffee is amazing absolutely.


Furthermore, the café is going to be a place not only to provide a coffee and rest, but to display the personal items of the voice actors who have participated in dubbing projects at Musai Studio. Interesting collections such as favorite items voice actors used or retro game consoles and titles will be displayed and the fans (who apply for the permission in advance) will be available to come to see them.

Musai Studio has planned to make a space to connect among games, players and voice actors beyond a recording studio. We hope to be a communication hub to share the emotion and passion for anyone who loves games.



The endless new tries by Musai Studio to be better are coming on the way. Stay tuned!

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