April 25, 2024


[MUSAI] Korean Voice Talents of ‘Call of Duty; Modern Warfare’ Gathered at Musai Studio and Released the Behind Episode



Musai Studio released the behind-the-scenes storie of voice talents who played major characters of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (called Modern Warfare)” on their official Youtube channel.


‘Modern Warfare’, launched last October 2019, has built a huge reputation about its Korean voiceover among the players. In recent, as the users have been increasingly interested in the ‘Call of Duty’ series after the successful launch of “Call of Duty: Warzone” last week, March 10, the behind story of ‘Modern Warfare’ was welcomed as well.


The video named “Behind the Voice” was unveiled on March 16. Four voice talents and the artistic director who conducted the Korean dubbing of ‘Modern Warfare’ were on the show and talked about their stories. The cast included Sung Wankyung as Captain Price, Cho Hyunjeong as Farah, Hwang Changyoung as a Russian soldier, and director Inwook Yi of Musai Studio, who was in charge of the artistic direction. Voice actor Kim Hyesung was a host of the show.


The voice talents and Musai staff, who worked on the four-month journey for ‘Modern Warfare’ spending the entire summer of 2019 together, recalled the memories of the recording session. They enjoyed the whole time of shooting (seems like chatting with friends without a camera) and freely talked about various topics range from the story of casting of each character to the background of the new dubbing style to enhance the gameplay more realistic and immersive.


The video has been introduced to ‘Ruliweb’ which is the biggest gaming webzine in Korea and ‘Konsoler’, a webzine specialized in console games in Korean gaming market, and positive comments were written by the readers and the ‘Call of Duty’ fans.


Ruriweb (Only available in Korean)



[Picture 1] The article introducing ‘Behind The Voice’ on ‘Ruliweb’


Konsoler (Only available in Korean)


[Picture 2] The article introducing ‘Behind The Voice’ on ‘Konsoler’


Voice talents and game players have a common which is the passion for games, but not many chances to communicate to each other. To be specific, there are lots of players who care the voiceover for their immersive play, but there was no channel to know the stories going on recording session and listen the talk from voice talents. Musai Studio hoped the video, “Behind the Voice”, to be a bridge between them as a communication channel and happy to take a first step.

[Picture 3] The Cast of ‘Behind The Voice’ and producer


The series will be uploaded weekly with a total of four episodes. (It is currently only available in Korean unfortunately.) The first episode “The Behind Story of Casting for the Main Characters & The Secret of Slang and Profanities” will be shown on the link below. Please subscribe our channel!

[Behind The Voice] Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 Ep. https://youtu.be/YFptydmhKkI


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