April 25, 2024


[MUSAI] Musai Studio Started an Internal Training Course for Localization PMs, “Build up and Develop Project Management Skills”



Recently, Musai Studio opened a job training course for the in-house localization PMs. The course, which started on August 17th, will take 5 weeks and the trainees will learn the knowledge and skills needed as a localization PM.


A project manager is an indispensable position in the process of localization projects, much more than how they are recognized. Range from the RFP/RFQ stage to the schedule management and even the final delivery, there are almost no areas beyond their reach. Musai Studio is aware of their importance in terms of providing high-quality localization service and so this course is opened to help them to grow their competency.

[Image 1] A job training course for localization PMs at Musai Studio (Source: Musai Studio)


The main trainer of this program is Sang-hwan Lee, the Vice President at Musai Studio. He has been experienced in both domestic and overseas localization companies for over 20 years, from major global MLVs such as ‘LionBridge’ and ‘Jonkers T&E’ to domestic localization companies such as ‘YBM Sisa.com’ and ‘Latis Global Communications’. In this program, it is expected that his hands-on experience and knowledge gained from the localization industry will be unveiled.

[Image 2] In the training course, Sang-hwan Lee, the Vice President at Musai Studio, will share his practical know-how as a 20 year-experience PM. (Source: Musai Studio)


The curriculum focuses on a practical approach to acquiring new competencies and skills needed in a real working environment. It starts with basic contents such as basic localization terms, the overall process, and the role of a PM, and goes through a variety of practical elements to proceed with a project such as a project setup, scheduling, and finance.

In addition, in-depth discussions were held on various topics and issues that localization PMs mostly encounter while working on a project, for example, how to communicate between clients and internal & external resources, how to deal with numerous variables and changeable situations, and how to make a balance between quality of work and a limited schedule, etc.

“I wanted to learn the job of a localization PM, which is closely related to my task as a linguist,” said Jonghyun Yeom, a trainee from the L10n studio at Musai Studio. “The course is very helpful for me because I could learn not only the basic knowledge need to have as a localization PM but also various practical skills applicable to work processes in real and even insight into the current state of the localization industry”, he said.

[Image 3] The course includes various contents from the wide-ranging role of a localization PM to the discussion of topics that can be encountered in the field. (Source: Musai Studio)


When a single title is localized and comes to the market, it means it took the hard work and dedication of countless people. Among them, especially, localization PMs are those who carry out projects on behalf of the company and also represent the value of the services we provide.

Rather than focusing on sales to increase the number of clients instantly, Musai Studio pursues those efforts to strengthen the competency and performance of individuals and provide high-quality services. We will never cease trying various attempts to improve our quality of services and show you Musai Studio moving one step further.



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