April 23, 2024


[MUSAI] Introducing New Recording Studios, “Developing a Stronger Presence as a Studio Specializing in Game Sound Production”



Spring is upon us, a little earlier this year. Like everyone else, who has the big spring cleaning marked on their calendar, we, Musai checked it off in our own way: opening our new recording studios!


Previously there were recording studios on the 2nd and 4th floor in our building. In particular, studio C on the 4th floor is the largest in Musai with Dolby Atmos 7.1.4. setup.

[Image 1] Studio A control room on the 2nd floor and Studio C control room on the 4th floor in Musai Studio’s building. (source: Musai Studio)


Now, two more recording studios, studio D and E have been added to our list on the 3rd floor!


The remodeling of the third floor started last winter, and our new studios were finally completed in March. There are two recording booths, two control rooms, and a workspace. The booths were specifically designed by an acoustician for optical sound. Moreover, it’s possible to provide the perfect environment concealing from any noise and controlling echo, to be the optimal space for producing the highest quality sounds.

[Image 2] Construction of the new recording space on the 3rd floor has been completed. Studio D, Studio E, and workspace, respectively. (source: Musai Studio)


Few days post the completion of construction, new equipment was shipped to our newly renovated floor. With the desks all lined up in the workspace, our remodeling was finally done.

[Image 3] With new recording and sound equipment, and office supplies in, the 3rd floor was now ready to open. (source: Musai Studio)


Among localization services, voice localization has higher barriers to entry compared to other areas. (see: How to choose the best LSP, http://blog.musaistudio.com/musai-how-to-choose-the-best-lsp-to-guarantee-the-successful-korean-voice-over-for-your-game) The physical aspects, such as securing optimal space and equipment is one of the reasons for making the barrier go higher. Musai studio, now with a portfolio filled with over 2000 titles, first started our recordings in rented studios, now is equipped with professional recording supplies and studios.

The studio expansion is to further solidify our scope and expertise as a studio specialized in game sound and to offer our services to more titles. We hope to produce great work in our new studios, studio D and E, too, with the help of passionate voice actors, directors, and engineers.



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