July 15, 2024


[MUSAI] The Story Behind the Korean Voiceover of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ was Unveiled in the Interview with GAMER’Z, the Only One Video Game Magazine in Korea



Do you have any memories of reading game magazines? When there was a boom in Korean console and PC games between 80s and 90s,  gamers could not quench their thirst for game-related information since the internet connection was unstable and sharing information online was not very common. Simple questions such as ‘which ones are the top seller among so many games?’ or ‘what is the best tactic for this game?’ could not be answered easily like they do these days. Game magazines were the ones that satisfied the gamers’ needs back then. A variety of game magazines were published with the information  including newly released games, release schedules, and various tactics to clear games and they became explosively popular. A lot of gamers ran to the stores every month on the release date of their favorite magazines and got the satisfaction of finally having them in their hands.


Despite that we can easily pick-up information from various webzines and communities nowadays, there is one game magazine which is still maintaining its reputation: GAMER’Z, the only Korean game magazine left. Thanks to the enthusiasm and love from gamers for the Korean dubbed version of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, GAMER’Z has requested for an interview with the Director Inwook Yi, CEO at  Musai Studio for their upcoming article.

[Image 1] The interview covers a wide range of topics including the story behind the Korean dubbing process of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’. (Source: Musai Studio)


The interview covered not only the behind-the-scenes story about the Korean recording process of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ but a wide range of topics related to ‘dubbing.’ The conversation was started from the various episodes in the process of the Korean dubbing for ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ and the efforts of Musai staffs struggling to come out with the best product in a much tighter schedule compared to other language teams, and it reached to the stories behind the Korean dubbing projects Musai participated in, such as ‘Call of Duty’ series, ‘Buried Stars’. Moreover, an in-depth discussion about the overall dubbing industry took place; it was an interview that summarizes the 20 years of history of the game dubbing industry.

[Image 2] Interview included not only on the behind-the-scenes stories of the famous Korean dubbed games, but also on an in-depth story of the overall game dubbing industry (Source: Musai Studio)


During the interview, when the journalist said, ‘it must have been very hard,’ Director Yi answered, ‘the most fearful thing was that the game being released, without us being confident that we did our best, and the users not being satisfactory of the quality.’ He added, ‘so we tried our best to avoid having such regrets. Because, without doing the best, we cannot expect the best results to just to come around.’


The age of the game dubbing industry is about 20 years now. In terms of humans, we may say that it has just reached its adolescence; there is still room for much improvement, but the possibility is unlimited. However,  the path and the future will differ depending on which values and thoughts lead the industry. Musai has had and maintained its core value, ‘without doing the best, the results cannot be revealed to the world’ for 20 years, and we won’t cease to persist it. We hope to present to you more and better Korean dubbed games that can be satisfactory.


The full interview article can be found in the magazine below. (Only Korean)





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