June 16, 2024


[MUSAI] “70.5% of S.Korean enjoyed games” reported by KOCCA



Over 70 percent of South Korean have played games and the time spent on digital games has been increased amid the COVID-19 situation, a survey showed last week.


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the state-run Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) announced the 7th survey report of the game users in Korea. The survey conducted on 3,084 people aged 10 to 65 across the country showed the status and analysis of the game users on various platform. The survey result will be used for government policymaking to foster the gaming industry and its investment in the future.


Here is the summary of survey

  1. 70.5% of Korean population have played games.
  2. Gaming on mobile devices was the most popular, accounting for 91.1%, followed by PC and video game consoles. 0.4% growth for gaming on console platform and 5 % decrease for PC from last year.
  3. The console that Koreans have the most is Nintendo Switch, followed PS4, DS and Wii. The portion of XboxOne and Xbox360 are almost similar.
  4. Around half of Korean game users spent more time on games after the Covid-19 outbreak (except the arcade users).
  5. In terms of recognition about games, 54% of Korean (mostly parents) think games are disturbing their children’s study.

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