May 27, 2024


2019 Korean Content Industry Statistics (released by KOCCA)



KOCCA (Korea Creative Contents Agency which is affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) released ‘2019 Korean Contents Industry Statistics’ the early week of July. The report contained the statistical data of each content industry’s overview and business achievements including the gaming industry. Since the report is only available in Korea, we will summarize it to help you to understand the recent trend of the Korean gaming market.


If you see the original report, find out here:



[Table 1] The overview of the gaming industry
  • Diversification of the gaming platform
  • Slowdown in the growth of the mobile market and the rise in the potential of the console market.
  • The total number of companies in the gaming industry is about 13,000.


The export value in the gaming industry

[Table 2] The export value in the gaming industry
  • The overall export value has increased by 8.2% compared to 2017.
  • In terms of the region, the portion of the Chinese area (China, Taiwan & Hongkong) has been decreased, and North America and Europe have been expanded.


The import value in the gaming industry

[Table 3] The amount of import in the gaming industry
  • The import value from Japan and Europe have been increased.
  • The import value from the Chinese area has been slightly increased, but the growth rate has slowed compared to the other regions.


The comparison of the content industries in Korea

The export value

[Table 4] The comparison of each content industry in terms of export
  • The gaming industry has been on top among the other industries in recent 3 years.

The import value

[Table 5] The comparison of each content industry in terms of import
  • The import value of the gaming industry is also higher than the others.
  • Whereas the decrease or slowdown in the other industries, the growth rate of the gaming industry in the recent 3 years has been sharply increased.


Last month, the Korean government released the long-term investment plan for the gaming industry including lots of supportive measures and showed their strong intention to grow the industry. Furthermore, the report we mentioned today gives the conclusion that the gaming industry has been placed as a core industry among the other content business in Korea. It seems obvious why the Korean government focuses on the gaming industry and it will grow into a main industry in the online economy sooner or later.


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