July 15, 2024


Musai Studio Joined ‘Practice and Application for Translation Business’ program from Incheon National Univ. as a Game Localization Specialist



November 3, Incheon National University opened a special seminar on translation practice. Musai Studio was invited as a lecturer both last year and this year, meeting prospective translators.


The department of English language and literature, Incheon National University has run a program which is ‘Practical skills and application of computer-aided translation’. They invited professional speakers from each genre of the Korean localization industry to hear the know-how of translation and vivid stories from the field. In line with the purpose, Vice President Sanghwan Lee from Musai Studio has been invited as a game localization specialist.  

[Image 1] A special seminar on ‘Practical skills and application of computer-aided translation’ was held at College of Humanities, INU. (Source: Musai Studio)


About 10 students from the Department of English Language and Literature participated in this special lecture, which was held for about two hours, and the rest of the students joined with Zoom due to the Covid-19 situation. This program has been running for the third consecutive years under the supervision of Professor Chaekwan Jeong of the Department of English Language and Literature at INU. He said, “’Nano Degree Education System’ which is the education direction pursued by INU aims to provide a flexible and creative curriculum satisfying the needs of both learners and companies. That’s why we are trying to invite various experts from different parts of localization industry and to bridge the gap between the industrial field and the educational field.”

[Image 2] The seminar was started with the introduction of the lecturer by Professor Chaekwan Jeong. (Source: Musai Studio)


Vice President Lee tried to share not only the practical skills for the game localization but also the overview of the localization industry with helpful advice for their career path based on his 20 years’ experience. The lecture included essential content from the basic such as terms and concepts commonly used in the localization industry and the overall translation process to in-depth content such as what is a good translation for games and translation know-how for each genre, etc. Moreover, he added the practical advice including some information about the employment of the translation business and what to know about being a freelance translator, etc.

[Image 3] Vice President Sanghwan Lee at Musai Studio gave a lecture on an overview of the game localization industry. (Source: Musai Studio)
[Image 4] Instructor Seonhee In gave a second lecture on the topic of IT localization (Source: Musai Studio)
[Image 5] The participants focused on the lecture. (Source: Musai Studio)


It is often said that high GPA doesn’t guarantee excellent job performance. In other words, there is a gap between the needs of the company and school. In light of this, the attempts and efforts like today’s seminar collaborating between the industrial field and educational field seem a good step to narrow the gap. As a leading company in the Korean localization industry, we Musai Studio will do our best to help and support the education field for the development of the Korean localization industry.


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