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[MUSAI] Behind the Voice – Battlefield 2042 Korean Specialist ‘PAIK JI-SOO’


Battlefield 2042 was released on October 19th 2021, with great anticipation as SNS influencers and gamers in Korea had high expectations due to a map named KALEIDOSCOPE which was modeled after Songdo Incheon, a major metropolis in South Korea. Even more, there were hints of a Korean specialist even before the launch of the title, and that specialist’s name is none other than “PAIK JI-SOO”.


[Image 1] KALEIDOSCOPE Map inspired by Incheon Songdo, South Korea (Source: EA.com)

Our working relationship with the amazing team at EA DICE began over a year ago, when we were asked to help produce the voice for Paik Ji-Soo.

As most of our work is related to Voice over dubbing from English into Korean, it was a great experience to embark on the production of the voice for the main launch for the original English version of the game.

[Image 2] Director Michael Kong conducting the Recording session for “PAIK JI-SOO” a Korean specialist on Battlefield 2042 (Source: Musai Studio)

Working on the original source language provided its own set of challenges, from the very beginning of the casting stage.

The casting director auditioned several candidates to find the right balance of English ability to convey both the national background of the Korean character, while also maintaining a level of articulation of speech and pronunciation for clarity to the gamer/audience. Not to mention, they had to be kickass in the performance domain to convey the character’s traits and encompass her entire persona, all while maintaining the constant energy and dynamic emotions during battle.

[Image 3] Voice actor Yoon Eunseo who played “PAIK JI-SOO” a Korean specialist on Battlefield 2042 (Source: Musai Studio)

Since the recording sessions ran in tandem with the on-going development of the story, the script and context information was updated regularly. Luckily we had the remote participation of Linda, a voice designer at DICE, during the recordings to provided real time support and contextual information. With this workflow in mind, the Voice director alternately used a mix of English and Korean during the sessions to convey the appropriate messages between the Developer and Voice Talent. The workflow may seem a bit awkward and unusual but the recording sessions were always bright, energetic, and filled with affection and passion for the game to provide the best possible immersive experience to gamers.

With the Korean culture gaining internationally popularity, it was an honor to work with DICE on the representation of Korea amongst the diverse ethnicities in Battlefield 2042.

We hope you share the same passion and invite you to meet the team and get a glimpse of the recording session and an exclusive interview with Yoon Eunseo, the remarkable voice talent who played “Paik Ji-Soo”.

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