June 14, 2024


[MUSAI] Goodbye 2021 & Hello 2022!

The year 2021 is finally coming to an end, striking tougher than any other year due to Covid-19.

With the industry adopting new processes to overcome the global pandemic, these changes have rippled throughout the industry, creating exponential difficulties for studios like us to adapt accordingly. As demanding as the year may have been, we couldn’t be more grateful for the collaborative efforts of our partners around the globe, the understanding and adoption of these challenges by gamers, and the devotion and back-breaking effort of our amazing team. With all these combined accomplishments, 2021 has been our most successful year to date.


It may be difficult to gauge the success of any company on words alone, and wish all the effort that has been put into game production this year, we would like to introduce an event held by Konsoler, a Korean webzine specializing in console games.

Within the event there are two main awards, GOTY ( Game of the Year ) and HOTY ( Hangul game of the Year ) which are held annually by user’s votes. In particular, HOTY is a “domestic” localization-related award, which is very meaningful for us as a localization agency. Moreover, a new category has been introduced this year,
POTY ( Performance of the Year ), which is awarded to Korean Voice talents.

The game awards from Konsoler are very meaningful to us, as they are based on actual user votes, rather than level of sponsorship, or amount of “donations”. We take this user feedback very seriously, as this metric alone can give us a level of insight to improve our quality on many different levels. Our goal is to provide the best possible gaming experience through our services and hope the gamers around the globe can enjoy the games we work on.


With that said, we are happy to introduce the nominees that we have worked on for each award category.


2021 GOTY ( Game of the Year ) Nominee

[Picture1] It Takes Two – Subtitle localization by Musai Studio

2021 HOTY ( Hangul Game of the Year ) Nominee

[Picture 2] Guilty Gear Strive – Voiceover by Musai Studio

[Picture 3] Halo Infinite – Voiceover by Musai Studio

2021 HOTY ( Hangul Game of the Year ) Nominee

Male character division (Male Voice Actors)

  • Guilty Gear Strive – Happy Chaos, Potemkin, Nagoriyuki, Sol Badguy
  • Halo Infinite – Master Chief

Female character division (Female Voice Actors)

  • Guilty Gear Strive – Giovana, I-no, Jack-O, Sol Badguy
  • Halo Infinite – Cortana


Of course, we expect the voice talents that we’ve worked with to win all the awards, but since it’s an event judged by user votes, we are very curious about the results.


You may refer to the link below for the Konsoler event page.


We’ve spent thousands of hours in recording sessions and translated millions of words to increase the level of immersion for our users. And that’s just in 2021 alone. We will continue to strive for creating amazing experiences next year for all our gamers/fans, and to our awesome partners around the globe. Also, we’d like to shine a light on all the hardworking team at Musai, who are usually not in the spotlight, but deserve an award for their dedication and hard work during these difficult times.

Here’s to a New Year that’s sparkling with fun and full of blessings.

Happy New Year!


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