April 25, 2024


[MUSAI] “Raise up, Korean Gaming Industry!”, the Effort of the Korean Government to Foster the Gaming Industry in the Era of the COVID-19



The outbreak of Covid-19 has brought a huge change to both daily life and each industry. In the gaming industry, in particular, unavoidable factors occurred such as the restriction on business for Internet café and delays of game development due to the reinforcement of social distancing, on the other hand, the status of games in the contact-free society has changed to a “recommended hobby” rather than a “disease”.


As a result, a positive movement actively arises to create a favorable environment for games. It is revealed through the actual policy direction for the gaming industry as well as a simple change in the atmosphere. The Korean government and local governments are using games to encourage social distancing and being very supportive to boost the gaming industry in long-term development.


As an interesting example, Gyeonggi province runs coaching classes to help gamers play better. The <Life Gaming Coaching Program, League of Legends One-Day Class>, operated by the Gyeonggi Game Culture Center, is a program that Gyeonggi province residents who like games can take a real-time online coaching from professional e-sports coaches. The Gyeonggi Game Cultural Center mentioned the purpose of the program, saying “We opened this program to help gamers expand their cultural experience as a sport beyond simply spending time.”

[Image 1] Gyeonggi provincial government is operating a game coaching program for their residents. (Source: Gyeonggi Game Cultural Center)


In addition, the government is implementing various policies necessary to foster the gaming industry, including training talents in the gaming industry and providing a diversity of supports to domestic game companies. As one of the policies, the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) has run a training program for talented people in game development at its institute since 2019.


The game institute training program admitted 65 trainees in three categories: game planning, game art design, game programming and the selected trainees will go through two years of training. They will be offered not only high-quality education but also a full scholarship and various chances including internships at big gaming companies during the program.


Moreover, the graduates of this program have made noticeable achievements. They achieved several awards in local and overseas video game conferences and some of them have been offered jobs at big game companies before graduation.

[Image 2] KOCCA is working to help talented people in game development through the game institute training program. (Source: KOCCA)


Game Global Service Platform Plus (GSP Plus) is another project operated by KOCCA to help small and medium-sized Korean game companies expand to the global market. All Korean games are eligible to apply for the project and successful applicants will be allowed to choose the service that they need including game localization, marketing, and infrastructure of games through the open market platform GSP Plus. Many participants in the project said that GSP Plus was very helpful to launch their game in the global market and make visible results thanks to this program.

“If it weren’t for GSP Plus, we would not have been able to release the game in the West. Because of GSP Plus, we were able to market our product globally, which had visible results.”

– Interview of CEO Shin Hye-sung who developed indie game “Secret Cat Forest.”

[Image 3] The interview with a small and medium-sized game developer who has launched a game globally through GSP Plus project (Source: The official blog of Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)


Some issues like gaming disorder still need to be dealt with carefully. However, apart from it, the direction of the Korean government to strengthen the competitiveness of domestic games and the movement to create a healthy gaming culture seem to be on the right track as a way to wisely prepare the Post-Corona Era. Musai Studio strongly support it and look forward to the Korean gaming industry growing constantly so that more people can communicate and have fun through diverse games.



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