November 30, 2023


Tips for Korean fonts

We’ve got asked advice about Korean fonts from some of our customers who are game publisher or developers who are planning to localize Korean language or during localization.

In the case of the Korean branch office of major global game publishers, they already have a font for Korean. OR even outsourcing to develop Korean font only for their games with a famous font design agency in Korea. For example, Overwatch, Starcraft, Diablo3, Dota2, Fina online3, and Heros of the storm has a unique font developed by famous font design companies through outsourcing. Also purchasing commercial Korean font from font design agencies for your games.

For reference, the most famous font design company in Korea who selling commercial fonts are the following.

Yoon Design (

Sandoll (

The amount of quotation will be variable according to a number of fonts since they are usually selling package fonts and conditions of a license, maintenance.

However, some publishers and developers who have not enough budget for even Korean translation. In that case, it will be really hard to invest in Korean fonts. There are known ways to use the free fonts provided by Google, but if you are looking for unique and characteristic fonts that match the mood of the game, you may be able to use the free or public fonts listed below.

In the case of the font list below, some companies or local cities and provinces has their own fonts for marketing purpose. And they are offering fonts for public with free of charge.  But please do considrering that each fonts has differenct license conditions, so please do make sure the license scope and ask approval from them before to use it.

  • Free to domestic individuals and companies only
  • Notify the source of font on your product
  • Font distributers are right to use name or image of your games on marketing purposes
  • Other conditions

Also, please do not expect that these fonts are hard to get technical support or maintenance, it should be tested after applying into your games (e.g. Broken characters).

In addition, many websites do not provide detail information in English, and most of them are written in Korean.

No Name Website
1 Airita font
2 Asan city
3 Bing font
4 Busan city
6 Gabia
7 Godo font
8 Goyang city
9 Gwangju city
10 Hangyeol
11 Jeju font
12 Jeonnam province
13 Komacon font
14 Ministry of National defense
15 Misaeng font
16 National Library
17 Naver nanum
18 Pocheon city
19 Seoul Metropolitan city
20 Tmon
21 TVN
22 Uhbee
23 Woohwa Brothers BM fonts
24 Yanolja font

Also, there is a website which could download these free fonts. But highly recommend checking the license scope.

Importantly, we just provide information about fonts as a reference, each user has legal responsibility for using each font.

Please send if any questions.

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