July 15, 2024


Ring Fit Adventure Hits Korean Game Market; Korean Voice-Over Satisfied Users’ Ears


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Mostly serious games are very hard to hit the market and it became like a common rule in gaming field. However, there is a sign of the change about the stereotype. Ring Fit Adventure (called Ring Fit) by Nintendo Switch, launched October 18 in Korea, is the one caused the wind.

Feedback from users and influencers about Ring Fit has been heated in Korea. Fun and fitness. It has been told that serious games are usually biased one side or losing both, but Ring Fit is a very smart game to catch both sides successfully. While players follow the story with Ring’s encouragement – some users thought it’s rather torturing than encouraging though, they get all in sweat.

Ring Fit has many components to be able to provide both the sense of immersing and achievement. Especially, Korean voice-over has been nominated as one of the biggest reasons among Korean users.

First, in Korean Internet community ‘Ruliweb‘, most users welcomed the fact that the entire game has been done the Korean voice-over perfectly. While they have to take a pose exactly that the game suggested, the explanation with Korean voice-over seems to be very considerate for Korean users to play.

Korean user’s feedback 1: “It has been done Korean voice-over! I would like to buy it.” (Source: Ruliweb Community)
Korean user’s feedback 2: So surprised it has been dubbed in Korean!! (Source: Ruliweb Community)

Not only the good impression about Korean voice-over, but users are also satisfied with the quality of the dubbing. Positive opinions such as “Dubbing is very excellent! “ and “Sound effects and BGM are very attractive”, etc. can be found easily.

Korean user’s feedback 3: Dubbing is very excellent! (Source: Ruliweb Community)
Korean user’s feedback 4: Sound effects and BGM are very attractive. (Source: Ruliweb Community)

Furthermore, Korean influencers and media for games have kept updating the review contents of Ring Fit. With a high praise regarding well-designed game levels and humorous characters, they pointed out that Korean voice-over helped building the sense of reality. “It feels like having a personal trainer at home thanks to hearing the corrections covered in Korean for the pose”, has been told. Some of users make jokes about Ring such as “The real enemy is Ring, not the boss” and “Knock the boss, and you will be collapsed too”

Producer Yu Chang-hyeon in Musai Studio

Musai Studio who has done the Korean voice-over for Ring Fit showed their gratitude for the users’ feedback. Yu Chang-hyeon, a producer in Musai who took a part of artistic directing for Ring Fit, said “Since the concept of the game is health-training, we really focused on directing to help users have the energetic feeling while they play.” And “For example, when Ring counts numbers, it has to be more rhythmical than usual in order to give a strong motivation for users. We are happy that it got across to users.”, he said.

Besides, voice actor casting is another important key to complete the concept. Producer Yu highlighted “We paid close attention from the step to cast the right actors such as a dynamic male voice for the motivation and a relaxing female voice for the comfortable mood”

Voice Actor Nam Do-hyung with Ring Con

Regarding the explosive users’ feedback, Korean voice actor Nam Do-hyung who played in a role of Ring also expressed surprise by saying “I didn’t expect this much love and great feedback at the time working on Ring Fit.”, and “Actually friends who played it called me and gave feedback a lot”, he added. The meaning of those responses from the users also seems to be special to him. “I’m very happy and it’s very meaningful that the Korean voice-over for a console game has been loved a lot like this. I hope this become a sign of the bright future of dubbing market for console games.”, he said.

Serious games usually have less amount of recording volume compared to the other console games (e.g. RPG, Action.), so that they require fewer numbers of voice actors. However, as for doing voice-over a serious game having a specific concept, it should be considered differently with typical console games such as understanding of the contents of the games in detail and specific playing environment for users depending on device or space.

Ring Fit project also has similar condition, users need to take lots of motions for playing. So reading the subtitle without dubbing could be nervous and disturb playing itself.  That’s why more intuitive and entertaining dubbing were considered while directing on Ring Fit in Musai.


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