Re-recording Episode of Korean version ‘Ekko’ in League of Legends at Musai Studio


The voice actor for Korean version of Ekko has been changed, and it became a hot potato among Korean fans of ‘League of Legends’.

Riot Games revealed 5 types of new skins called ‘True Damage’ in the public beta environment server last month. The artists of each champions have dubbed for ‘True Damage’ skin, and it has been done by countries. Korean version of Ekko also has been released, but Korean users didn’t give a nice credit on it.

[Photo1] Mommy Son, the Korean rapper who dubbed for Ekko


November 19th. League of Legends Korea has uploaded a video about re-recording for Ekko, and it caused explosive feedback from Korean users in totally different way. The video tells a story that ‘Mommy Son’, a famous Korean rapper, has done re-recording for Ekko at Musai Studio and includes his humorous interview. The users who watched this video showed high expectation for his recording. 


[Photo2] Re-recording process at Musai Studio


Check out the full video of re-recording story and find Musai Studio in it!



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3 years ago

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