July 15, 2024


[MUSAI] Incheon National Univ. ‘Practical Translation Seminar’, Musai L10n team gave a lecture on game localization



November 11, Musai localization team gave a lecture to the college students dreaming to be a translator. Musai team tried to share not only the practical skills for game localization beyond translation but also an overview of the localization industry and pieces of advice for their career path.

[Photo 1] Musai L10n team was invited for the program, ‘Practical skills and application of computer-aided translation’ run by the English department of INU, as a game localization specialist. (Source: Musai Studio)


The department of English language and literature, Incheon National University has run a program which is ‘Practical skills and application of computer-aided translation’ and invited professional speakers from each genre of the Korean localization industry. Vice president Lee Sanghwan and lead PM Seol Yujin from Musai Studio have been invited as game localization specialists.  


Vice President Lee started his lecture with an overview of the Korean localization industry. He tried to give practical advice for their career including some information about the employment of the translation business, the required skills that localization companies look for, and what to know about being a freelance translator, etc. based on his 20 years’ experience in the localization industry. Besides, lead PM Seol brought the actual localization examples of famous titles Musai has done before and shared the information and knowledge frequently used in the localization process in the second session.

[Photo 2] Vice president Lee Sanghwan at Musai Studio is giving a lecture on an overview of the Korean localization industry. (Source: Musai Studio)


About 10 students majoring in English participated in this seminar and no one lost their concentration during the entire session. Some of the students were gamers and eager to be a game localizer. With the enthusiasm, they have been translated their favorite games through CAT tool and discussed what went well or wrong.


Additionally, one of the students gave a presentation on the game localization and Musai Studio from the perspective of students. It was a chance to hear the opinion of a college student which was very impressive.

[Photo 3] One of the students at INU is giving a presentation and introduced Musai Studio. (Source: Musai Studio)


At the end of the seminar, Musai team had a Q and A session. Their questions were composed of various topics including the possibility of the  MTPE application to game localization and the relation between the launching schedule of a game and its localization process, etc. The discussion went in-depth and it was very enough to notice their effort and passion for the localization industry.  

[Photo 4] Lead PM Seol Yujin at Musai Studio is giving a lecture on the practical skills and know-how about game localization through the examples. (Source: Musai Studio)


As for people in the localization industry, it’s always asked to be professional as a service provider and to have a responsibility to improve the service. However, Musai Studio has thought that it is also important to open the door to communicate with the next generation and exchange our professional experience and their fresh & brilliant ideas. We were thankful for the chance from this event and will keep trying to support the development of the Korean localization industry.



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