June 16, 2024


[MUSAI] Farewell with the oldest audio console at Musai – “The first game dubbing studio in Korea”

[Photo 3] The recording session of “Total War: Three Kingdoms” at Musai Studio in 2019 (Source: Ruliweb.com)



The audio console which has been 15 years at Musai retired recently. That means we had to let the oldest friend of Musai go, reminding us of many emotions and memories. Let’s have a trip through the history between Musai and the console.

[Photo 1] Sony DMX-R100, the audio console which has been 15 years with Musai (Source: Musai Studio)


This console has done a fantastic job in various projects until early this year. We know it’s not working anymore, but still can’t get rid of it because we feel like it represents the history of Musai.


Musai Studio has been over 20 years as a professional game sound studio. Before we met this console, we didn’t have our own studio and had to rent a recording studio whenever we had a project. To tell you an example, when we worked on the dubbing project of “Guilty Gear XX” published by YBMSisa with Shin Hae-Chul, a famous rock star in Korea, we had to do all the recording sessions in a rental studio.

[Photo 2] The recording session of “Guilty Gear XX” in 2003 (Source: Ruliweb.com)

Link: https://bbs.ruliweb.com/news/board/11/read/100


As time goes by, we finally had our own studio in 2005 and met this console. It has been always with us and helped Musai to have a high reputation as a sound studio.

[Photo 3] The recording session of “Total War: Three Kingdoms” at Musai Studio in 2019 (Source: Ruliweb.com)

Link: https://bbs.ruliweb.com/news/read/118105?fbclid=IwAR35lt8k0SiKtX_Luxvvvb-AcLx0IP1WGMduHqwgmpOsW4kkdXyrE_0O3KQ


If you let me brag of this console, there are tons of things to tell, but I would like to explain how famous it is. Whenever an article regarding the games of early 2000 (called “retro games” these days) was published, this console was always used as a featured image. Whenever voice actors have an interview, this console was exposed as a background in the clips. Honestly, if you see the timeline of the articles below, you will figure out this console is more famous than any artistic directors, even our CEO.

[Photo 4] The media coverage of 15 years old senior console at Musai (Source: Musai Studio)


When Musai Studio moved to a new studio in 2018, the latest and high-tech equipment were placed as well. This senior console has been working great same as other newbies. When we found out this console didn’t work anymore, we guessed it decided to retire and turn its position to the colleagues.

[Photo 5] The newbies will take the position of the senior console. (Source: Musai Studio)


This old friend represents the time Musai have walked. There were lots of efforts and help, tears and laughs. They turned into a stepstone for Musai Studio to grow up.


Musai Studio is the first professional game dubbing studio in Korea. (There is no record about the professional game dubbing studios in Korea before we started.) Musai has focused on the game dubbing over 20 years and our goal – the best quality of dubbing available to complete the immersive play of games – has never been changed. Like we have done the past 20 years, we will never cease to amaze you with the best quality of Korean dubbing for the most immersive gaming experience to the next 20 years.



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