July 15, 2024


[MUSAI] Battle Royale “Hunter’s Arena” Coming to PS4/PS5 with Voiceover in 5 Languages (13 language subtitles included)



There is news of a fantastic Korean console game release blows away this hot summer. <Hunter’s Arena>, which has already attracted high recognition on PC Steam from its awesome action and competitive battle royale fray, is about to be released on the console platform.


▶ 2021 Hunter’s Arena: Legends Cinematic Trailer


<Hunter’s Arena> developed by Mantisco is a PvP and PvE combat-based battle royale set in the ancient Asia. With the release of PS4 and PS5 versions on August 3rd, the PC version also enables cross-play with PlayStation through a large-scale update, so more users are expected to join the battle. Moreover, there is another noteworthy feature of <Hunters Arena>, the multilingual voice-over.

[Image 1] “Hunter’s Arena” will be launched globally on PS4 and PS5 on August 3rd. (Source: Steam)


<Hunter’s Arena> was planned to launch globally from the development stage, so it supports a wide range of languages which include subtitles in 13 languages and full audio in 5 languages. In particular, Musai Studio produced its multilingual voiceover in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinses, and Russian. The collaboration of Musai Studio’s expertise and local sound studios specialized in games for each language brought up the high-quality voiceover.

[Image 2] “Hunter’s Arena” supports subtitles in 13 languages and voiceover in 5 languages. (Source: Steam)


As mentioned in the previous article, multilingual voiceover is an area that requires different know-how from the usual voiceover process. (See: Multilingual Voiceover for Your Game: ① Which Languages Should I Select? http://blog.musaistudio.com/musai-multilingual-voiceover-for-your-game-%e2%91%a0-which-languages-should-i-select) In this project, since the multilingual voiceover ​​was produced based on the Korean source, it was indispensable for us to closely communicate with each local studio from delivering sufficient information about the game to managing the schedule of each language. Furthermore, to improve the level of perfection, the recording session was conducted under co-directing of Musai Studio and local sound studios in real-time online, and every script was monitored if there are awkward words or sentences that are locally not used.

[Image 3] Musai Studio collaborated with local sound studios for each language to work on the voice-over of <Hunter’s Arena> in multiple languages. (Source: Musai Studio)


<Hunter’s Arena> will invite more global users to the battlefield through new attractive characters, various updates, and high-quality multilingual voiceover. As for us, it’s always happy to help the awesome Korean games to meet the global users and be a part of the history that Korean games make. As we have done so far, Musai Studio will continue to be a reliable partner to connect awesome games and users in the world with our expertise and experience in gaming localization.


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