July 15, 2024


Interactive Contents, Break The barriers between Game And Media contents (Feat. As Dusk Falls)

‘As Dusk Falls’ was released last July through Xbox Game Pass in Korea.

According to the official website, Xbox.com states that the genre is Interactive Drama. It may be an unfamiliar genre for gamers.


[Image1] As Dusk Falls Genre information (Source: Xbox.com)

Korean users showed a lot of interest in the strong and unconventional storyline enough to call it an American-style trashy drama rather than a game after the release, also good responses for the Korean voiceover that made the story as immersive and familiar as it seems watching Korean drama.

In order to localize the content of the genre of interactive drama well, it was necessary to understand the whole storyline and thoroughly analyze each character by chapter and situation before the voiceover works.

There was also a feeling that we were dubbing a drama unlike other common gaming projects when we were doing recording sessions.


[Image 2] Influencer’s broadcast clip of As Dusk Falls (Source: YouTube)

Some influencers broadcast the game through viewers’ votes on Twitch just right after launching the title. Each influencer has a different ending depending on the viewer’s preference, giving it a different kind of fun.


Interactive Contents?

Interactive content is being used in many fields. such as Minecraft and Black Mirror were produced interactively on Netflix, and Detroit Become Human was also a huge success in the game industry. It is also used in advertising and marketing fields.

New attempts to create interactive content across content platforms and genres are continuing, and also are expected to steadily increase in the future.

It is not new to the emergence or fusion of new genres within the game industry. Additionally, story branching like interactive content according to selection is common in game genres such as RPGs.

It is expected to steadily expand and increase in number as it crosses boundaries within the content market as a “game like a movie/drama” or “movie/drama like a game” especially in the game and media content market.

The range of choices is getting wide and they will be able to enjoy more interesting content through direct participation from the game user’s perspective.


Musai Studio will continue to strive to make localization work more interesting and immersive in line with the changing content market trends.

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