July 15, 2024


[Musai Studio] Are you interested in K-Content? Here’s WelCon Marketplace.

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, major game exhibitions such as Gamescom, Chinajoy have been reduced or canceled in the past three years.

Fortunately, some exhibitions are expected to be held from this year like GDC 2022 which already started from this week. However it will take some time to return to before COVID-19.


In the COVID-19 situation, the Korean government is engaged in various activities for K-Content companies. I’d like to introduce WelCon Marketplace, which has been operated by KOCCA since December 2021. 

The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), a governmental agency that oversees and coordinates the promotion of the Korean content industry. KOCCA is in charge of the Korean Pavilion at major game exhibitions such as Gamescom, so it seems some people already familiar it. Musai Studio was selected as a Korean company in the Korean Pavilion at GamesCom in 2019, and we had a chace to meet our customers. We hope to meet our customers in person at a game event this year.


[PIC1] Welcon Marketplace Introduction (Source: Welcon marketplace official website)


Here’s introduction of the Welcon Marketplace.

WelCon marketplace (https://welcon.kocca.kr/emp/) is a global marketplace specialized in the content industry that connects overseas buyers with Korean content companies.

WelCon marketplace supports content search by category, content information by market/event, individual corporate promotional sites, online product inquiries, and online meeting.

Buyers can check K-Content information by category/event, and use online product inquiries and online meeting services with domestic content companies. In addition, Buying Offer service can deliver purchase intentions to K-Content companies.

[PIC2] Welcon Marketplace Category (Source: Welcon marketplace official website)

There are categorized by each type like TV Show, Game, Character… etc. and Korean content companies of categories reviewed by KOCCA are registered and their individual stores are ready. You can contact K-Content companies directly, even though they are online under Covid-19 crisis.


Most importantly, you can also find Musai Studio on the Welcon Marketplace. (https://welcon.kocca.kr/emp/store/musaistudio)

[PIC3] MusaiStudio site on the Welcon Marketplace (Source: Welcon marketplace)

Along with the recent popularity of K-Contents such as Squid Game, interest in K-Contents is also increasing. Welcon Marketplace will be helpful for buyers who looking for K-Content.

Of course, you can use this platform if you have any inquiry regarding voiceover or localization for Korean languages. Also, you can send inquiry to Contact@musaikorea.com directly.


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