June 16, 2024


Musai CEO, Inwook Yi Gives a Lecture for Korean Voice Actors regarding Game Dubbing

[Photo1] The seminar hall of ‘The Korean Voice Actor Training Session by Genre’

“The Korean Voice Actor Training Session by Genre” which was a 6-week training program, has been wrapped up recently. The program was held by Korea Radio Promotion Association belonging to Ministry of Science and ICT and Korea Voice Performance Association, and director Inwook Yi, the CEO of Musai Studio, has taken a part of the session as a lecturer. 

Late evening on November 18, the session of the day has been started with around 20 voice actors. The participants were the representatives of each broadcasting station in Korea including KBS, Daekyo, Daewon, etc. The session has lasted until late at night but the heated air from the passion didn’t fall down during the entire time.

The dubbing process can be totally different depends on the genre such as foreign film, animation, web and mobile game, commercial, and so on. For this reason, voice actors are required to understand each characteristic of them precisely and act various style based on the understanding. The session that director Yi has prepared for the voice actors was about the characteristic of game dubbing and game sound market.

[Photo 2] Director Yi, the CEO of Musai Studio, sharing the knowledge of game dubbing market

Director Yi started his speech with a question about the difference between a voice actor and an actor. He said, “A voice actor should be an actor having various characters inside, and careful to have a same acting style targeting on a certain genre” and highlighted to be aware of the necessary capacity for game dubbing and the differences with other genre. Besides, he added “As a voice actor, it is an important step to spend time analyzing yourself and figuring out your color of voice, acting style and own characteristics, etc.” and tried to give meaningful advice regarding making own brand as a voice actor.

The session was ended after several questions were going on. It was a time full of enthusiasm and pleasure where a director and voice actors made together, who love the field of sound and voice-over. We are looking forward to seeing the further development of game dubbing market through the voice actors and Musai Studio.


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