April 25, 2024


[MUSAI] Adieu 2019! Musai Year-end Party


The year of 2019 is going to the end. Musai Studio had a time to wrap up the year with all staffs who have made up the year of Musai together. All members have fought with the recording equipment or monitors for day and nights to make the best quality for their projects, but the day “Musai Year-end Pary” was exceptional. Here is a glance of the moment with full of joy and laughter.


The day seemed like a normal day of Monday with a weekly meeting, but a special guest was popped up – Director Yi, the CEO of Musai Studio, joined the meeting.


Not only the improvement about projects for the next year but also requests and casual talks about the company have been told naturally. Director Yi also mentioned “Don’t be afraid of making a mistake”, and “Mistakes make an expert. The fear of making a mistake will tie up yourself and disrupt your development”. He asked all the staffs to try various experience no matter what it is.


After the sound team finished cleaning up the recording equipment, everyone got together finally. The surprise from Vice President was surely enough to make a big smile on everyone’s face. (Wondering what the surprise was? Only what I can tell you is that Musai is the best.)


We moved to a restaurant for launch, even the waiting time was not bothering at all. Each company must have different styles of the year-end party. I would like to say the one of Musai was such a meaningful time for everyone to relax and share the time they had worked together for the year. The true meaning of year-end party.


Cheers with good food, good wine and good people.

Welcome 2020! We are ready to go.


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