May 27, 2024


[MUSAI] ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’ official trailer is released today & user’s feedback about Korean voiceover


Yesterday, the official trailer of new series of Call Of Duty, ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’ was released through SNS channels.

Many of Korean COD fans are expecting the new series. As soon as the trailer was lauched, they watched it and left the feedback and comments.

Our team has monitored users’ feedback whenever new titles or trailers were launched to the market.

This time, we were wondering how much % of the voiceover related comments among total comments.

Here’s summary of this case.

  • Source of user comment: Youtube – official & influencer, Ruliweb which is a Korean game community.
  • Total # of comments: 365
  • # of comments related voiceover: 95
Picture1) User comment related KOR voiceover

And here’s the type of the feedback among the KOR voiceover related comments

  • Postitive: 63%
  • Negative: 21%
  • Neutral: 16%
Picture2) User feedback analysis related KOR voiceover

“26%” feedback were voiceover related. It was higher than our expectation, and we were surprised at the intense interest of dubbing from users.

We are also happy to get to know that the overall comments are positive as well.

Hope Black Ops Cold War’s sucessful launch in Korea. And our studio  will keep supporting for the successful localization of ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’.


[Reference for collecting users’ feedback]

  • Official Youtube channel of Call of Duty
  • Youtube channel of Korean influencer “방앗간 비둘기”
  • Ruliweb



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