September 26, 2023


[Korean game market] GRAC Seeks To Punish People Who Distribute Games On Steam Without a Rating

GRAC Rating

The Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC) of South Korea announced on January 31 that it will punish anyone who distribute PC games on Steam without obtaining a rating.

The GRAC is a Korean governmental organization that is similar to the ESRB of the U.S., the PEGI of Europe, and the CERO of Japan. In Korea, anyone who intends to produce or distribute games for the purpose of selling or providing them for public use shall obtain a rating of their content prior to production and distribution.
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This announcement signifies that the GRAC will begin to supervise games that were distributed via Steam­­­, especially VR games, without obtaining a rating. For reference, the number of VR PC cafés (offline places for playing VR games) has skyrocketed over the past one to two years, but many VR games haven’t obtained a rating.

Thus please considering it when you have plan to launch your games through Steam into Korean market.

Please refer the related official announcement from GRAC is :
Also English version is as follows (Translated from Korean cause there’s no official English announcement.)


Application for Rating Classification of Foreign PC Games on Steam

The following is the process of applying for rating classification for PC games (VR, etc.) of foreign developers distributed on Steam.

 Subject of Application

  ㅇ Any domestic operators who wishes to commercialize PC games (VR, etc.) of foreign developers that are distributed on Steam for commercial purpose in Korea

      When applying for game classification, it is necessary to submit documents such as game production/distributor registration certificates. In case of distributing already produced game, it is required to submit the game distributor registration certificate.

     When an individual business operator (Internet computer game facility provider (VR, PC café) and a complex distribution game provider, etc.) who wants to provide PC games of foreign developers on Steam apply for rating classification, it is required to submit the license certificate issued by the local government.


  ㅇ Apply for rating classification for game after obtaining Steam Commercial License

   – In case of the same Steam game, every domestic distributor should apply for rating classification.

  【Apply for Rating Classification According to Application Level】

☞ 18+: Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC)   
☞ All, 12+, 15+: Game Content Rating Board (GCRB)

Domestic Distributor (Game Distributor, etc.) Obtain Steam Commercial License Apply for Rating Classification

    ※ Membership registration and application for classification: Use ‘등급분류신청’ (Application for Rating Classification) on the GCRB website

     Details (deliberation fees, etc.) on Rating Classification: Refer to 등급분류제도안내(Guidance on Rating Classification System)’ on the GCRB website

□Miscellaneous ㅇ Please note that the act of providing game products of foreign developers distributed on Steam for use which have not been classified may be punished as violation of Article 32 (1) 1. of the「Game Industry Promotion Act」.

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