April 25, 2024


[Musai Studio] Forza Horizon 5: Player Feedback for Korean Voice-over

Forza Horizon 5, which was initially released last year in November, updated its Korean voice on June 22nd, 2022. This is the first in ten years for the groundbreaking racing series to support the Korean voice. It’s also noteworthy that the Korean voice was updated after the game was released, which is quite a rare occasion.

For today’s article, we would like to take a look at some of the enthusiastic responses players have shown despite the post-release support of the Korean voice.


Player’s Feedback (Translated into English)

  • Korean voice-over… this is awesome.
  • Playing it without having to read subtitles is a huge difference! Just created a new account and played through the opening, and I’m at a loss for words.
  • Korean voice support? Shut up and take my money!
  • Playing FH5 with Korean voice is much more immersive and better than FH 4 with English.
  • Now that it supports the Korean voice, I recommend turning off the subtitles.
  • Thanks to the Korean voice support, now I can listen to all the dialogues I missed while driving.
  • Voice support alone made the game far more immersive lol
  • Now I can understand all the dialogues I had missed. Good job, team.
  • Non-English speakers can now enjoy the great storyline without missing all the dialogues while driving!
  • Driving made it difficult to read subtitles. Now I can enjoy all the dialogues thanks to the Korean voice support!
  • They’ve managed to make a great game a whole lot better.
  • Korean voice really brings out the immersion. Props to Microsoft for a job well done.
  • The immersion is on another level lol
  • Korean voice-over adds a whole new level of immersion, and it almost feels like a different game. Hope more games are released with voices localized.

The most significant reason to localize audio is that it largely boosts the immersion. Players can concentrate on enjoying the game without having to read the subtitles that come and go on the screen.

Just as the comments above suggest, especially the one with “recommend turning off the subtitles,” we would like you to immerse yourself in the driving with subtitles turned off.


Player’s Feedback (Translated into English)

  • This is crazy… voice-over FTW!
  • I legit thought the GPS narrator was brought from the real thing just to promote Youtube videos.
  • Voice-over!! This is dope. 🥰 🥰 🥰
  • The dub quality is insane…
  • I literally had goosebumps when I heard the radio speak Korean.
  • Definitely not the FH5 I knew. So unreal how it feels different.
  • The voice-over’s really spot on. 😲
  • GPS narrator sounds familiar 🙂
  • GPS sounds just like the real thing lolz I’m buying this for sure!!!
  • Never thought they would dub GPS as well… This is insane.
  • 8:20 It’s just like the real GPS lol
  • Man… can’t believe they even localized the radio. This is nuts…
  • Shout out to the voice actors for recording so many dialogues! This feels much more like Forza Horizon than the English version.

Thanks to the publisher’s decision, we were able to localize all voices, including radio stations and GPS. So far, we’ve received a number of positive feedback from the players for how realistic the voice-over is, and we would like to express our gratitude to the publisher for their decision that made all of this possible.

The Return of the Korean Voice

Player’s Feedback (Translated into English)

  • They’ve finally localized the voices for Forza after so many years!
  • I remember when Forza Horizon 2 came out without Korean voice support. This is amazing!!!
  • They brought back the Korean voice-over from the first game!
  • Korean voice support just like the first game? Yay!!!
  • Voice-over support! Just like FH 1!!
    Try playing Forza Horizon 1 which is almost as immersive.
    It supports Korean voice including radio stations and GPS as well.
    Feels a bit different cause it takes place in Colorada though.
  • First dub in 9 years huh…
  • Korean voice finally returned after the first game!
  • Personally, this update gave me the joy of playing the first game… for the first time in a long while.

A lot of the players, who remember the Korean voice support for Forza Horizon 1, welcomed the return of the Korean voice.

Proud to be Korean

Player’s Feedback (Translated into English)

  • This makes me proud to be Korean!
  • Makes me proud to see that Korea now has significant influence over the world.
  • Listening to the “Welcome to Mexico” part in Korean gave me the chills!!!
  • This proves that Playground Games acknowledges the Korean market’s potential for Forza Horizon series.
  • I have an exam tomorrow, but this makes me want to spend time appreciating my proud country.
  • This shows the importance of how big your country should be for games to be localized… Korean voice support… Just wow…
  • So proud of us Koreans.
  • As a FH player, I’m so proud to be Korean rn!

Some players have even said they’re proud of their country to see the game localized in audio. Regarding the matter, we’ve talked about multilingual localization for voice-over in the past. Please refer to the article below:

*Reference article

[MUSAI] Multilingual Voiceover for Your Game: ① Which Languages Should I Select?

As stated in the comments above, the market potential and its estimated profitability, which are often proportionate to the economic power of a country, directly influence the publisher’s decision to localize audio.

For many reasons, including low sales estimates and higher dialogue volumes, publishers have been localizing audio for racing games for only a handful of languages. And Korean language was not included in this group usually. That being so, Korean players have every right to be proud of their country, and we look forward to more positive changes in the market.

Today, we’ve talked about players’ opinions on Forza Horizon 5’s Korean voice support. We are delighted that many players could enjoy the game and give positive feedback on our job just as we intended. We would like to thank the players again for their love and support.


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