September 26, 2023


Hanwoori which offline console Game store in Seoul.

Do you know the most famous console game store in Seoul?

Have you heard game store 한우리 (Hanwoori)? This offline game store is called holy place among console gamers since console users could buy console HW & titles and could exchange the title or selling used one. Most of the genuine console users love this place.

Our team also visited this store regularly when the title which we localized is launching. Of course, we bought it and check our work (the title we localized) is selling well and feedback from the users about localization directly.

The store usually recommends localized titles to the customers, also many users prefer a localized one. This is kinds of a different feeling when we communicated our customers, actually, it makes more motivation to make excellent localized title to us. I am sure that good localization is an important factor to increase selling revenue in console titles.

FYI, This store located in Nambu-terminal station in #3 subway line & Sindorim station in Seoul.

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