May 27, 2024


PES2020 is launched with Korean voice-over!

PES2020 is launched with Korean voice-over!

UNIANA Games who the Korean publisher of the PES2020, released an interview video of Junehea Hahn, a commentator, and Junil So, an announcer who did Korean dubbing for PES2020.

For your reference, Junehea Hahn is one of the top-class professional football commentator and Junil So also famous sports announcer. They did LaLiga league broadcasting through KBS and working for dedicated PES eSports announcer and commentator.

We are also really happy to announce it. We MusaiStudio did Korean dubbing or Winning series 15 years ago, and we did it again for PES2020.

Unlike other game dubbing, in case of sports game dubbing, required long-term schedule like weeks or months with announcers and commentators, so it’s really important to have a good match or co-operation with the artistic audio director. It took more than a month for PES2020 dubbing.

The announcer Junil So and commentator Junehea Hahn, showed the true essence of professional broadcasting during dubbing as well as fantastic teamwork with our staffs. Hope successful launching PES2020 in Korean and enjoy play with Korean voice-over!


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