July 15, 2024


[MUSAI] The pleasant surprise from Director Jin Seoung-ho, the director of ‘Buried Stars’ by LINE Games



Musai Studio had a pleasant visitor a few days ago. Director Jin Seoung-ho, the developer of ‘Buried Stars’ which has been steadily popular among gamers since the day released on July by LINE Games.


‘Buried Stars’ is a commuication and survival-adventure game with a strong narrative of storylines, attractive characters and great voiceover. It had a large number of fans with high expectation even before the release and the expectation turned into the high number of actual purchases. Korean console market was surprised that the first batch of the title was sold out on the day of release and after that, the second batch for Nintendo was out of stock again. Furthermore, ‘Buried Stars’ is nominated for ‘2020 Korea Game Awards’. (http://award.kgames.or.kr/2020gameawards/candidate/game_award_candidate.asp)

[Photo 1] ‘Buried Stars’, the nominee of ‘2020 Korea Game Awards’ (Source: 2020 Korea Game Awards)


Director Jin and his team had collaborated with Musai Studio for both Korean and Japanese voiceover of ‘Buried Stars’ from the latter half of 2019 to early this year. With the pleasure of its great result and the fact that all the efforts and dedication for the project were meaningful, it was delightful to see them again and catch up on life. Besides, Director Jin donated the limited package of ‘Buried Stars’ to Musai Studio, which is almost impossible to buy in the current market. What a nice surprise!

[Photo 2] The limited package of ‘Buried Stars’ donated by Director Jin (Source: Musai Studio)


The history with Director Jin has begun 2013. Musai Studio has worked on the voiceover for ‘City of Mist’ and ‘City of Mist 2’, the mobile games developed by Director Jin. We were glad to join his new project again through ‘Buried Stars’ and such an honored for us to work on his first console title. Lately, Director Jin is busy with preparation for launching ‘Buried Stars’ in Japan and write a new story for the next title, he said.

[Photo 3] Director Yi from Musai had a conversation with Director Jin and the team. (Source: Musai Studio)


One more great title has been added on the collections of Musai’s work. When the titles worked by Musai Studio are loved by players, there is nothing happier than that as a localization studio. We hope the Korean console market keeps alive with more great titles like ‘Buried Stars’ and more Korean console games are loved by global users. We, Musai Studio will never cease supporting them with passion and professionality.


[Photo 4] One more great title has been added to the collections of Musai’s work (Source: Musai Studio)


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