June 16, 2024


INVEN, the gamer’s blog of Korea, introduces Musai Studio as ‘The cradle of Korean game localization’.


INVEN, a major online game media outlet in Korea introduced us as ‘The cradle of game localization’. INVEN had the pleasure of visiting our facility to conduct an interview with our CEO, Inwook Yi. 

You may refer to the original article below for more details.

Here’s a summary of the Korean article.

“In-game text localization was the main part of game localization until now, but voice-over will be the essential part of game localization soon. Because the Korean gaming market grow and Korean game user getting prefer to play with Korean voices.”

“Personally, I think 2019 is the starting point for changing the mood for Korean voice-over. With the addition of Korean voice-over to Cyberpunk 2077, following the Modern Warfare reboot, the community is increasingly looking forward to voice-over.

Before that, the community felt like the preference of voiceover were divided by 5:5, but now there are more people looking forward to 9:1. (90% will prefer to play with Korean voices). That is how much our responsibility has become heavier. Now we must meet the high expectation of Korean fans.”

“The major Korean gaming community, you can often see ‘Not Korean, won’t play’ about the games that not localized Korean language for in-game text. I hope that one day “Not Korean voices, won’t play’ will be come up for granted. We’re still working hard for that, so please give us a lot of interest and love for the results of our localization work.”

Many thanks to INVEN and our fans in the gaming community!

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