[MUSAI] GTA 5 for Free on the Epic Games Store; It Leads the Attention to the Korean Localization Again


There was a big surprise for the gamers last week; GTA 5 premium edition is free to download for a week. It’s currently available to download from the Epic Games Store, but the users are experiencing difficulties to download since thousands of players are trying to access. Even the store has been continuously crashing on the day that the giveaway was announced.

[Photo 1] GTA5 for free from Epic Games Store (Source: Epic Games Store)



Although GTA 5 has been for 7 years since it was launched at 2013, it has maintained to provide the online service and steadily been loved by fans. The free download event this time added a fire to its popularity and the reaction from gamers has been explosive. GTA 5, the vastly popular racing and FPS title, already set a sales record over 100 million copies few years ago. Nevertheless, the extremely high volume of users has shown up for free download, that means the 7 years old masterpiece is still powerful.


We, Musai Studio has been working on the Korean localization of GTA 5 over 8 years including the time for translation before launching. We are always thankful whenever we receive the favorable reviews from media and great feedback from the players regarding the Korean translation of GTA 5. When we look back the launching day, most of the Korean gaming media gave a quite positive feedback for the localization in their articles.


“The best game in Korean language” – THIS IS GAME

“Translation quality is one of the best games ever released. As for the profanities, the completion is high enough to be called beyond translation.” – Joins.com

“Synergy of good game and localization, it makes revival of console market in Korea” – GAME FOCUS

[Photo 2] Favorable reviews for the Korean translation of GTA 5 (Source: various game media)


Until now, the quality of the Korean translation of GTA 5 has been mentioned among the players in various game communities.


“Translation is really perfect”

“나마씨발 is really legend”

[Photo 3] Positive user feedback about the Korean translation of GTA 5 (Source: FMKorea)


“Beyond Translation! Really!”

“GTA5 translation is f**king awesome!”

[Photo 3] Another positive user feedback about the Korean translation of GTA 5 (Source: RULIWEB)

The biggest reason that the localization of GTA 5 has been loved more than expected is the felicitous translation of profanity. Generally both publishers and localization companies have a dilemma about the safe level of profanity when it comes to Korean localization. In fact, a fine balance between ‘safe’ and ‘fun’ has been controversial in Korea for a long time.


Furthermore, GTA series was already famous for provocative contents as well as a blockbuster video game over the world. This being so, more careful consideration was made between Musai and the publisher about the process and style of localization.


However, the fantastic collaboration made between the developer, publisher and translator, created a huge impact within the Korean gaming industry. The game was full of “Koreanish” smart expressions in the subtitles and that made the Korean gamers declared “No more nice language!” Everyone admits that games are more fun when translations are properly blended with slang and profanity according to the content, character and situation. Read more details regarding the Korean translation of profanity. http://blog.musaistudio.com/musai-one-inch-tall-barrier-in-game-slang-and-profanity-translation-in-korean


GTA 5 is the case that shows how great synergy can be made when a good game meets good localization. As our catchphrase, “Boost your play”, we will keep thinking like gamers, playing as users, and putting constant efforts for your best gaming experience.


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